low cost pcb

low cost pcb

Maxway has full test coverage to ensure quality excellence. Our test engineers are capable to work with customer design team on test solution development.

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Maxway has full test coverage to ensure quality excellence. Our test engineers are capable to work with customer design team on test solution development. Below is a brief introduction of test and inspection during manufacturing process:

Test Coverage

Test Description

Test Equipment / Fixtures


Short for Solder Paste Inspection, a test for solder paste volume, critical step to prevent solder errors in PCB assembly.

SPI Machine

3D SPI Machine

Pre-Reflow AOI

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) before reflow process, a system to identify component and solder joint defects.

AOI Machine

Post-Reflow AOI

AOI after reflow process

AOI Machine


Abbreviation for In-circuit Test, which checks and detects current leakages in the circuitry, defective components and manufacturing defects.

ICT Fixture -

developed by Maxway according to customer requirements


Short for Functional Test, a test to identify functional defects within a printed circuit board assembly.

FCT Fixture -

developed by Maxway according to customer requirements


Short for First Article Inspection, at Maxway, FAI is a must before mass production, when there is engineering change or change of production lines.

FAI Tester


Abbreviation for Automated X-Ray Inspection, which inspects structural solder faults of non-visible joints such as area-array packages (BGA, CSP, Flip Chip), parts under RF shielding, and some special connectors.

AXI Machine

1, The superior quality greatly help low cost pcb gain good reputation in the industry. Maxway PCB is a highly acclaimed organization which deals in the manufacture, supply and trade of low cost pcb of high quality to the clients. Patented low cost pcb technology guarantees a flexible applicability, satisfying customers with different requirements.

2, This low cost pcb is highly required by the customers for its corrosion resistant nature. We are a leading company in this domain and engaged in offering low cost pcb to the clients which is highly demanded in the market for high quality and durability. Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd has specialized in the production of high quality for many years.

3, Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturers and trader of low cost pcb and our product is made of good quality. We have become experts at identifying the core requirements for low cost pcb; Refining, simplifying and economising over complicated systems to be more reliable, efficient, maintainable and IP reinforcing. As a well-known enterprise in low cost pcb industry, what we are still sticking to is to guarantee each manufacture progress to ensure the quality of products.

4, Thanks to the function oflow cost pcb is warmly welcomed in market. To control quality of low cost pcb, we build a complete set of testing system. As long as our customers have questions about our low cost pcb, Maxway Technology Co.,Ltd will make timely response.

5, Our strict QC and management system can ensure high quality of low cost pcb. All these are carefully designed as per the industry set standards. low cost pcb is applied with high quality materials in high grade.

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